Flying Dollar History

Click here to see aerial photos of our Airport every decade from 1939 through today!

The Flying Dollar Airport was originally known as Barrett Airport. It came about in 1927, when Barclay White convinced Raymond Price and Nelson Bender of the need for an airport near Skytop Lodge. Shares were sold to finance the endeavor (visible here.) References are sometimes seen in the historical record to "Skytop Airport," reflecting how closely linked Barrett Airport and Skytop Lodge were in the minds of citizens at that time.

Linked below are some rare firsthand accounts, newspaper clippings and photos of the creation and history of our airport, from 1928 through the present:

A firsthand account of the founding of Barrett Airport in 1928, by neighbor Arvella Price Magdzak.

Another firsthand account by Donald C. Hewlings. Including a rare 1930s price list for local flights. ($15 to New York City!)

"Pocono Picnic," the story of a Skytop fly-in by Lewin B. Barringer.

1928: Victor Sommers' Waco-10 lands at Skytop.

1930s: O'Meara brings his Franklin down on the lawn of Skytop Lodge.

1930s: "Pop" Roberts, superintendent of Skytop Lodge and proud aviation enthusiast..

1933: See the original capital stock, sold to finance construction of Barrett Airport.

1930s: Flying Dollar's steel hangar (still standing) as it looked originally.

1938: Barrett Airport owner Donald Nelson suffers a fire that destroys two planes.

1939: Airmeet

1940: Airmeet

1942: "How to Fly a Jenny," a satirical manual, written anonymously and found at the airport.

Between 1945 and 1970, Barrett Airport fell into disrepair and was abandoned, becoming overgrown with hollyhock and blueberry bushes. In the late 1960s, a developer by the name of Sky View Estates bought the property and received approval to build condominiums. Remarkably, just as construction was set to begin, they went bankrupt.

Meanwhile, a man named Ivan "Ike" Battern had begun inquiring with local real estate outfits about whether there were any airfields in the area that might be up for sale. A savvy real estate agent with a long memory recalled that there had once been an airstrip up by Skytop Lodge. And as soon as it was shown to him, Ivan bought the 57 acres at the top of Dutch Hill Road and rechristened it "The Flying Dollar" because as he kept investing in the site and bringing it up to snuff, the dollars seemed to be flying away!

1970: Profile of Ivan Battern and his Travelaire: "The Flying Dollar."

1978: Profile of Ivan Battern and how he rescued the abandoned Barrett Airport and made it his own.

1979: Profile of Victor Sommers of Mountainhome, who landed at Skytop in July of 1928 in his Waco-10 biplane.

1987: Profile of Ivan Battern.

1988: Northeast Weekend Flyers reviews the Flying Dollar Airport and nearby Overlook Inn.

1997: Mountain Pilot Magazine reviews the Flying Dollar Airport and nearby Overlook Inn.

2000s: Pilots Digest puts Ike on their cover.

2000: Village View News interviews Ivan Battern and his wife, Andrea.

2004: The Pocono Record explores the Ultra-Light experience, featuring Flying Dollar tenant Glenn Kreckman and our favorite fly-in club: The Wing Nuts.

2008: Ike reminisces in writing about finding and buying the Flying Dollar — and contemplates selling it after almost forty years. He would die three years later, still living there.

2015: The Pocono Record reports on the changing of the guard at the Flying Dollar — and a unique, recent acquisition.

2015: The Pocono Record quotes Flying Dollar owner David Turner on the subject of recreational drone use.